Before the Marriage

Prenuptial Agreements

Engagement is an exhilarating time. While you are busy planning your guest list and choosing your attire, don’t forget to make a plan for your financial future.

Prenuptial agreements aren’t just for the wealthy. Take a moment to meet with your lawyer to discuss the options available to you and your spouse-to-be.

During the Marriage


Adoption is an act of love. If it’s time to add a child to your family, sit down with your lawyer to discuss your path to adoption.

Step-Parent Adoptions

Your lawyer can help you take this next step toward blending the family. It may be simpler than you think, and the rewards are immeasurable.

Dissolving the Marriage

Legal Separation

A legal separation allows co-parents to establish a Parenting Plan and Child Support Orders, but does not legally dissolve the marriage.

Dissolution (Divorce)

Whether you are ready to file, or have just been served with papers, your lawyer can help guide you through this acutely stressful time.

Parenting Plans

A Parenting Plan is designed to put your children first. Work with your lawyer to create a durable plan that works for everyone.

Child Support

Child support is awarded based on a state-mandated formula, although sometimes, deviations are available.

Outside and beyond the Marriage

Of course, you don’t need to be married to find yourself in need of a Family Law attorney. Your lawyer can help you file a paternity action, establish a Parenting Plan, file for Child Support, or file for a Domestic Violence Protection Order– regardless of your relationship status.

Last-Minute and Emergency Services

Have a hearing coming up? Give us a call- we may be able to help, even on short notice.

Military Divorce

If you or your spouse have served in the United States Military, thank you for your service. If you are facing divorce, it’s essential that you consider the division of your earned military benefits, such as TSP’s, pensions, SBP’s, TRICARE, and more. Don’t risk leaving money on the table- talk with someone who understands military life and benefits.